90 Ball Bingo

90 Ball Bingo

 An authentic bingo game with modern features, 90 Ball Bingo is a thrilling experience from start to end.

    90 Ball Bingo – Game Overview 

    90 Ball Bingo is Bally Casino's online bingo game, which merges a popular game of chance with a bustling chat feature and automatic payouts, so you can relax with your friends as the game automatically recognizes and credits any wins to your account!

    One 90 Ball Bingo ticket costs 15c.

    Playing 90 Ball Bingo 

    As the name suggests, numbers 1 through 90 can be drawn in a round, and the card you play with will have 15 of these. 

    Mark off numbers that get drawn from your line or the entire card to win. 

    • Mark off one horizontal line for a one-line win 
    • Mark off two horizontal lines for a two-line win 
    • Mark every number off your card for a full house 

    Any drawn numbers that are on your card will be marked automatically, and any line or full house prizes your card wins will be added to your account automatically too. 

    Buying 90 Ball Bingo Tickets 

    To take part in a 90 Ball Bingo game, you'll need to buy at least six tickets.

    The most tickets you can buy for a single game of 90 Ball Bingo is 60.

    Bally Bingo Chat 

    We know that one of the biggest pulls of playing bingo comes from the buzz of excitement you get in a bustling bingo hall.  

    That’s why our 90 Ball Bingo game offers a free chat feature, allowing you to talk to your friends as well as the chat host, who’s there to field any questions you might have.