Enjoy Stacked Wilds and multiple bonus rounds on our hugely popular slot game, Epic MONOPOLY II.

    Epic MONOPOLY 2 - Game Overview

    A maximum of 100 paylines are available in this game.

    There are two five-reel slot games included in this game:

    - Main Reel set

    - Colossal Reel set

    Each reel uses an alternate set of reels.

    Wild Symbols

    Wild symbols replace all other symbols, except Bonus symbols, to complete wins in this game.

    Bonus Symbols

    These symbols can land on reels 1, 3 and 5 on the Main Reel and Colossal Reel set only.

    The highest win per winning combination on each reel set is awarded.

    Stacked Wilds

    Landing four Stacked Wilds on the main reels triggers a symbol transfer.

    This causes the corresponding reel on the Colossal Reel set to turn wild.

    Once all of the Wild transfers have taken place, wins are evaluated.

    Every reel uses an alternate set of reels in Stacked Wilds.

    Epic Wheel Bonus

    Landing three or more Bonus symbols anywhere on both reels sets triggers the Epic Wheel Bonus

    The more Bonus symbols you land, the more you will win.

    Bonus Symbols
    3Triggers Epic Wheel Bonus
    4Triggers Epic Wheel Bonus + 10x total bet
    5Triggers Epic Wheel Bonus + 50x total bet
    6Triggers Epic Wheel Bonus + 100x total bet

    Bonus symbols can only appear on reels 1, 3 and 5.

    Click 'Wheel' to start the Epic Wheel Bonus.

    The possible prizes available include:

    - 500x bet per two lines

    - 7-20 free spins

    - Two, five or 10 dice rolls for the Around the Board Bonus

    - Epic Chance Bonus

    - 2x and 'Spin Again' - when the prize is awarded, it is replaced by a cash award of 250x bet per two lines

    Epic Free Spins Bonus

    All symbols, except for Bonus symbols, are wild during this bonus round.

    Bonus symbols can only land on reels 1, 3 and 5 on both reel sets.

    Whenever a Wild symbol from a stack appears on the main reel set, the rest of that stack expands and turns all four reel positions wild.

    That Wild symbol then transfers to the Colossal Reel set and turns it wild.

    Landing another three or more Bonus symbols across the reels will award additional free spins and win multipliers.

    The number of free spins awarded is equal to the amount awarded at the start of the bonus round.

    Bonus Symbols
    3The same number of free spins on original trigger
    4Free Spins + 10x total bet
    5Free Spins + 50x total bet
    6Free Spins + 100x total bet

    Multipliers from the Epic Wheel Bonus are applied to all free spins won.

    An alternate set of reels is used.

    Epic Wheel Bonus

    When triggered, you can choose one of the five cards presented to reveal your prize.

    The available prizes include:

    - 200-500x bet per two lines

    - 20 free spins

    - 10 dice rolls for the Around the Board Bonus

    - 2x and pick again, 3x and pick again, 5x or pick again

    Around the Board Bonus

    Click 'Roll' to rill the dice and move around the board.

    You are then awarded one of the following prizes:

    - Property - choose a Property card to reveal: 25-300x bet per two lines, 2x and pick again, 5x and pick again

    - Electric Company - 40-1500x bet per two lines

    - Income or Luxury Tax - 40-200x bet per two lines

    - Just Visiting - 40-160x bet per two lines

    - Free Parking - 80-400x bet per two lines, plus an extra dice roll

    - Go - landing on or passing Go awards 200-800x bet per two lines

    - Water Works - 25-200x bet per two lines, 25-200x bet per two lines, as well as another dice roll

    - Railroad - 40-300x bet per two lines, 2x and pick again, 5x and pick again, 40-200x bet per two lines, plus an extra dice roll

    - Chance - 40-80x bet per two lines; advance to Boardwalk; 25x bet per two lines plus an extra dice roll; advance to the nearest Railroad (collect the Go award if you pass Go); or advance to nearest Utility

    - Community Chest - choose a Community Chest card to reveal a prize of either: 60-100x bet per two lines; 20x-40x bet per two lines, as well as another dice roll; or 120-200x bet per two lines, plus the two unselected Community Chest card prizes

    - Go to Jail - moves your token to the Jail position, without passing Go, and you won't receive the Just Visiting award

    Any multipliers from the other bonus rounds are applied to all dice rolls awarded.

    It is not possible to win any more dice rolls once you have moved around the board three times, except for Free Parking.

    Return to Player

    Return to Player (RTP): 96.01%

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take $100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out $96.01.