Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune

Take a ride on the reels for a chance to play up to six bonus games in Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune!

    Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune - Game Overview

    A maximum of 50 paylines are available in this game.

    Stacked Wild Symbols

    Stacked Wild symbols can only land on reels two to four.

    When a Stacked Wild symbol lands it will cover one, two or all positions on the reel.

    All symbols except Scatter symbols, Bonus symbols and Claw symbols may be replaced by a Stacked Wild symbol.

    Only the highest possible win is paid on each payline when a Stacked Wild symbol is involved.


    Claw Symbol

    This symbol can only land on the fifth reel during the main game.

    A coin prize worth 2x-15x the current wager is awarded when a Claw symbol lands.

    Theme Park Ticket Game Feature

    The Theme Park Ticket Game triggers when three Scatter symbols land on reels three to five or if activated in the Theme Park Bonus Wheel feature.

    A wheel will be shown on-screen when the Theme Park Ticket Game is triggered.

    The wheel has 12 segments that each award different numbers of tickets - some may also award extra wheel spins.

    Stop the wheel to win tickets that will grant entrance into at least one Theme Park Bonus Games.

    The wheel will automatically stop after 30 seconds.

    Three spins of the wheel are awarded at the beginning of the feature.

    The wheel will spin again until there are no re-spins left.

    You can choose which Theme Park Bonus Games to play with your won tickets.

    The feature will end when you have no more tickets left to play.

    At the end of the feature, any winnings will be added to the winnings from the triggering spin. 

    It is not possible to re-trigger the Theme Park Ticket Game.

    Theme Park Bonus Wheel Feature

    The Theme Park Bonus Wheel feature triggers when a Bonus symbol lands on the fifth reel during the main game.

    A wheel will appear on-screen with 11 segments: six Theme Park Bonus Games segments, four Coin Win segments and one Theme Park Ticket Game segment.

    Stop the wheel to receive the segment that the wheel stops spinning on.

    The wheel will stop spinning automatically after 30 seconds.

    Only one Theme Park Bonus Game segment may be awarded per spin.

    A Coin Win segment will award the current wager multiplied by the segment's multiplier before the feature ends.

    It is not possible to re-trigger the Theme Park Bonus Wheel feature.

    The Theme Park Ticket Game and the Theme Park Bonus Wheel feature cannot be simultaneously activated during the main game.

    Theme Park Bonus Games

    There are six Theme Park Bonus Games:

    Theme Park Bonus Game
    PunchbagHit the punchbag to receive a coin win worth 2x - 25x the current bet amount.
    SledgehammerHit the sledgehammer to receive a a coin win worth 1x - 100x the current bet amount.
    Can TowerThrow a ball at each of the three can towers. Hitting a can off will award 2x your current bet. Knocking an entire tower down will award 864x the current bet value plus the total win from all towers.
    Skee BallThrow a ball into five pockets to receive the current bet multiplied by the number shown on the pocket.
    Fish PickPick five fish to receive 2x - 50x the current bet amount. Chosen fish may also award up to five additional picks.
    Duck ShootFire five shots at the ducks on-screen. Each duck hit will award 1x - 50x the current bet amount. A multiplier will also be awarded for hitting a duck, which begins at x1 and increases by one with each duck hit.

    The Theme Park Bonus Games cannot be played automatically. 

    Return to Player

    Return To Player (RTP): 96.52%

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take $100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out $96.52 of wins.